Angel Grinding

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Well okay, actually Nephalem, but aaaanyways.

But so much grinding.

Firstly, I thought about it this morning, and offered to finish running Z’s character through story mode. He realised last night that he hadn’t completed story mode, so couldn’t do adventure mode stuff, so. I wanted to play, it gave me something to do for a few hours.

Apparently, wasn’t enough. I decided to roll a hardcore bb to do story mode for the first time. I’m currently in Act V, so deep breath, knock on wood, I’ll make it the rest of the way. I’m running it on Expert, so I’m pretty unsquishy as compared to my preferred Torment I… still. Hardcore is emphatically not my jam, so like… pat on the back for semi-challenging myself, I guess.

Smaller has gotten the D3 bug, to the point where she bought the game today from her pocket money. She mainly wants to play with us, which, fair. I explained I couldn’t today because of the specific task I was doing… and that tomorrow is release day for Evil Genius 2. She got that; she knows that we have been waiting for it for a long time. I will have to try to make some time for her this week, because it *is* the game that I actually like to play with other people… as long as they’re in the same building as me, heh.



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