Beauty Abound

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Today’s postbox run was a bit of a delight. I could smell both woodsmoke, and the bright smell of flowers on the slightly icy wind. I’m not a particularly pro-spring person, but the bits that could be autumnal make it alright.

Past that, been a pretty generic sort of day. Doing some craft, doing some gaming, trying to take it easy, the usual. Well. I’m trying some jumbo stitch marker science. I’ve got some on my desk curing that should work with 25mm needles… but I don’t know if they’re going to be too fragile. I think the fragility is less of an issue than I think it is, but we’ll see what I think once I have enough solidly cured glue over the ends of the rings, under the beads. So many layers of glue, heh.

Right, gonna go poke at that, take my night meds, resume chilling, etc.


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