Slightly Brightly

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I had to take a trip to the postbox, and in spite of being super overcast, it was still bright on the pale eyes. I should have put my sunnies on, but I always sort of blank on it. You’d think stopping to chat with my neighhbour at the postbox, who *was* wearing sunglasses, would’ve nudged me into reaching into my purse and making it happen. Oh well. *chuckles*

Today was productive! Ish! Outside of the Etsy orders, I was able to buckle down and get some of the bigger blocks caught up. Like, I’m a month and a half behind myself on some of them, and I would love to get that all swung around to this month by the end of Friday. I’m not counting on it, but I can hope.

*claps hands* Right! Off to other things. Be safe, etc.


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