Nature is Beautiful

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One of the things we did today was go to a seal sanctuary. It was pretty cool, though finding this random sighting in the reptile house cracked me the heck up. Other things I saw that were out of commission were labelled as such, while this was inexplicably empty. Having said that, better empty than showing a lizard living in harmony with an empty curry jar, probably. *chuckles*

Before that, we went on a little wander of the town centre, and had some lunch. We didn’t find any particularly interesting shops, but at least the random cafe we stopped at was nice. We then made a proper trip to the yarn shop, to which I can only say — who the frack has heard of a wool shop lacking in sock wool?! I couldn’t see any anywhere. I *might* make a third trip at some point and inquire specifically, but the girls needed the toilet so we headed home. Really though, if I want to do jumpers or cardigans, I’d rather buy my wool online so that I can get the best price for what I’m doing. Yarn isn’t cheap, yanno, not yarn worth using.

Anyhoos, dinner will be here shortly, so I’m off.


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