Trip to Xanth…

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Or, at least, the nearest thing in actual existence, ha ha. We ended up going to a model village today, and the puns were atrocious. Which is to say, I delighted in them for the sheer terribleness, because that’s the point, isn’t it.

That was leaving the house the second of the day for the half of the fam, and the first for me. Z took Smalls with him to the store to pick up a few bits, while myself and Smaller chilled out here. I woke up realising that I had massively overdone it yesterday, and the level of pain I was feeling (even after taking pain meds) meant that I had to pace myself a bit more. Z was awesome at making sure that I sat down often on our trekking, so while I am sure my muscles are still angry at me, I don’t feel as exhausted as I could. I don’t know that we’ll do anything else tonight though, ’cause the rain swooped in on us while we were out, so. We’ll see. I’m fine not moving until tomorrow.

Right, gonna go back to not being internetty. Hope y’all are doing alright out there.


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