Sights and Delights

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Yes, it’s a lost shoe on a pole — surprise! *laughs* It’s the sort of random sight that amuses and delights me, because yanno… random. All about the random.

I am tired. I’ve left the house a few times already, because yanno, I don’t want to spend the entire trip cooped up. We stopped by the wool shop, which turns out? Closed on Sundays, which meant getting let in by a flustered owner doing window dressing. I assured her we’d come back another day, and I’ll probably apologise and explain that I thought that she *was* open on Sundays. We’ll see. We had a further wander, and found an American store. So now I have a few cans of Mtn Dew Throwback and a couple things of American candy, so yay for that.

Our post-lunch outing was taking the girls down to a paddling pool. It was nice, and totally free. We’re pretty sure we’ll make a point to go another time or two, and heck, I might as well dresss the part and get in with them next time. I think that literal-minded Smalls will hold me to it, ha ha. We’ll see. We followed that up with ice cream, because gotta have a lot of ice cream on trips like this.

For now, hi/bye, gonna try to figure out where we’re going for dinner.


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