Me Too, Friendo

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After a less than auspicious start vis-à-vis a severe leg cramp in the night, it’s been alright. Z took the girls out after breakfast for a wander, then came back for lunch. We then set out for the aquarium, which pleasantly killed a few hours. Pictured here was a napping octopus hiding in a bit of fake coral. I especially liked it ’cause ti made me think of Cubone/Marowak.

So yeah, we’re back ‘home’ for now. Z went to fetch us dinner from the Chinese around the corner, so that’ll be nice. The girls want to go down to the arcade again tonight after dinner, which. The three of them will definitely go, and I hope to be feeling up to it. I had to attack the first ‘half’ of the day with pain meds, tonic water, and moving slowly, so like… definitely more moving slowly, at the very least.

Woo, dinner has arrived, so gonna go get into that.


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