Worth It

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And by ‘worth it’, I mean we spent a grand total of £2 in the ‘play until you win’ claw machine for an official Grumpy Cat plush. Smalls was impressed, so she did the same. Then Littler spotted the one that had flamingos in it, and we got her one of those. We topped off our claw machine escapades by Z managing to get three toys in one grab on the £1 machine, which just. Badass, ha ha. He did one more to make it an even four so we each got one, so that was excellent.

We also acquired another toy. We were playing the 2p slide machines, and we were super close to getting a toy that Smalls wanted. and then one of the 2p coins managed to shoot the toy backwards into an irretrievable place. Z called over a member of staff to let them know, and ask if maybe they could put it back to a place where someone could actually play to get it. He instead took it out and gave it to us, which was very kind. Now Smalls and Smaller have matching toys from that machine, and are happy… for the moment. They seem to think holiday is an excuse to acquire a whole extra menagerie, so.

Oh, and before that, we did some mini-golf! Everyone got at least one hole in one, which was great. The course was really fun, and designed in a way that made those hole in ones possible. Not probable, but like… you weren’t stuck shooting up a cone every single hole. Then we had our first fish and chips of the holiday, which is kind of whups since we’re on the downside slope of said holiday. But that’s okay, we’ve had lots of good eating so far.

Got to get the kiddos ready for bed now.


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