Nearly There

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I decided to go ahead and cast off and call my little swatch of crochet done. I think it should be more than big enough for photographic purposes. If not, well… it’s not like it takes *that* long to crochet. I ended up pulling back a few rows and rebuilding because, as you can probably spot, I’d accidentally started decreasing a bar a row. Because that’s super easy to do in crochet. And a big reason why I don’t do that much of it anymore. *chuckles*

For the most part though, I’ve been playing a bit of Diablo III. I don’t know that I’m really in the mood for it per se, but we’re some ways into a new season, so I should make the effort to get a class armour set that I don’t have. I’m at the end of Act One on Master difficulty, so yanno, decent half-assed progress.


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