Taste of Time

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I was using my Sonic Spork to transfer some clock charms into a bag for background colour in a picture, and figured — why not take a picture of me eating time. So yanno, here you go — vaguely inspired. *chuckles*

I’ve not done super much today, sticking to the plan of ‘moving is overrated’. It’s been a good one, ’cause it’s been tolerable weather-wise under those conditions. Moving a bit, and I’m suddenly toooo warrrrm.

But I had to go outside to wash my vase, ’cause I had surprise flowers show up. I had an incident with the Tesco driver yesterday where he made a series of comments that were inappropriate, and well. I told Z, and Z immediately turned around and called Tesco to talk about it. We weren’t out to get the guy fired or anything, just to get it on record. I’m still kind of glowing because like, husband. Immediately running to stand up for me. I know that should be something everyone should be able to expect of their partners, but still. Swoon. The flowers showed up a few minutes ago from Tesco with an apology note, which, not gonna complain. I’d rather this guy thinks before cracking jokes at future stops, but anyways.

Dinnertime. I’m off. Have a good eve, etc.


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