It’s Not Red, But…

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… but it IS a Swingline, and it IS mine. I had it out to reinforce the box I keep the stitch markers in, because I split it with card dividers, and I wanted to try and give them a bit more grounding against the box. I don’t know if it really worked, or if it’s because it’s taped within an inch of its life, but at least it’s done and repaired. Really, I should probably try to get a less flimsy box, but. *chuckles*

I was making the effort to repair it, because I finished rephotographing the knit stitch markers, and wanted to put them back into the box. I’m currently prepping to do the crochet ones, but that requires me to start by making a swatch to display the markers against. I like how it worked for showing off the knitting markers, and I want to try to keep listing styles mainly uniform. Bonus, I found another cake of white wool shoved in the back of a drawer, so I don’t have to undo either of the swatches I did for the knitting markers.

Anyways, back to making a swatch, and doing a few little chores.


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