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I had to run to the Post Office earlier today, so I figured I’d snap some shots of nature so I’d have stuff to pick through to post today. So here, have plaster and a bug, ha ha. I was just kind of pleased that I managed to get a picture of it before it flew off — and to get it in focus. It’s a silly little thing, but it gave me pleasure.

I missed writing yesterday, which, oh well? It’s not like things are grand and adventurous around these parts; I try to do this daily as a personal exercise. I can say that my head hurts a bit less today, I think. I got work done, which was the point of the work day. I’m back to gaming and doing things with yarn, which makes up the rest of the average day. *jazz hands*

I guess the things to note for today are:

  1. Holiday booked. Z and I sat down last night and decided on a holiday rental, so he got that booked today. It’s going to be mid/end of August, but you have to book these things fairly well in advance.
  2. Brexit and more Brexit. While I didn’t camp the news like I did yesterday, I’m checking every now and again to see what things look like. Really, there probably won’t be any significant news until after the indicative vote tomorrow night, so. *shrugs*

Right, I flee.


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