For You, Mommy!

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Littler attended a birthday party this morningnoon, which meant coming home with the obligatory party bag and random tat. This was one of her goodies, which she gave to me. She ended up wanting it back a few minutes later, but I still appreciated the loan. She is a very generous small person, and I’m proud of her for it.

I am still feeling exceptionally crappy today. Smalls was a peach in meeting me in the middle on helping each other… and by ‘middle’, I mean clear across the Chasm to me. But she understood why and accepted why I needed the assist, so yanno… rock on, excellent human.

*rubs face* Right. Time to yarn and game and more hydration. Wish me luck that I don’t need to chuck all the pain meds at myself for a second time to get through the evening.


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