Surprise, Nails!

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I had ordered a bottle of nail polish and then completely forgotten that I had, so I had a pleasant surprise in the post this afternoon. I might slather on some tomorrow while Z is out of the house; the smell does a bad turn to his breathing, like alcohol, perfume, etc. Having said that, this one is 5-free, so it might not bother him? I’m not going to test it at this time.

Beyond that, not really done much of anything today. I’ve had a nice bath with one of the bath bombs Deedlit gifted me with, because I figured getting scrubbed up will help mentally prepare me for my appointment tomorrow morning. It’s always such a shot in the dark as to whether or not I’ll get taken seriously about a health concern, and it’s really exhausting to get to the point where I am ready to take that knock — even if the knock doesn’t come. Still, I have a better chance this time, as I have a history of trying things to treat it with no luck, so. Fingers crossed for me, y’all.


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