Still Down

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My laptop is still not recovered from the latest round of Windows updates… sigh? Sigh. I finally hit the point where I’ve completely turned it off and abandoned it for x amount of time (like, an hour maybe). I figure that if I quit fretting and looking at it, then it might have a better chance to get its shit together. And in the interim, I can be even gladder that I got Baby for myself, ’cause she’s a good enough laptop to mean I don’t feel quite as stressed as I could be feeling.

Today’s picture comes to you compliments of the glory of clean hair. It’s my birthday tomorrow, so clean hair and defurred legs sounded like a good early gift to myself. I ‘have’ to semi-people tomorrow, as Z and I are going out for lunch to celebrate said birthday. I’m probably going to be boring and stick with the idea of going to the same pub we’ve been going to for lunches the last couple of years, but like… it’s got good food and good views and doesn’t require us to drive into town, so that ticks a lot of yusss boxes (plus, it’s in range of multiple Pokéstops <__<).

*taps desk* Right, I should think about running some stuff to the bin. In a minute. >__>


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