Not a Lion

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Maybe it’s just me, but this head looks more leonine than ursine. Which is to say, I think it looks a bit more like a bear than a lion. Maybe it will come around more once I get it attached to the body — once I finish making the body.

For the second, I am being really annoyed with Windows Update. My laptop is just sort of stuck on black screen and sadness. I probably made it worse by restarting it after it seemed like it was stuck after like… an hour? So now I just have to bite my lip and hope that it finishes before I go to bed, because I still have some 750 writing to do. I’d rather not have to start that over from scratch. I will if it comes to it though. And in the interim, I can be glad that I didn’t do the updates on my desktop at the same time, or else my brain would have imploded.

*eyes little processing circle and sighs*

Anyways, I guess I should think about making backup words happen. Sod’s Law might push my laptop along, yanno?


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