But Not Nymo…

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Lots of my pretties came in today, so I’m poking at ideas. I had prepped some Nymo, but was having a hard time making multi-stranding cooperate. In part, of course, ’cause I was trying to do two strands for each of the strands, which meant four equally cranky bits of monocord fighting for dominance. So I’m playing with ideas on stretchy elastic for the moment, which I couldn’t use with the magnetic clasps I bought anyways. I *could* try doing it on tiger tail instead of nymo… hrm. Probably not, since you can’t knot it, and the idea of crimps on a bracelet feels distasteful. I’ve also ordered a small skein of waxed cotton so I can get my head around more potential ideas/solutions.

I also had a bag of earring chandeliers come in. I haven’t decided what I’m doing with those quite yet, but I’m sure I can think up something pretty.

*rubs brain* Right, I’m nymo-ing, I’m nymo-ing. Fingers crossed that this idea comes out looking decent.


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