Not Your Beard

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Monday is my day off. I enjoy having the house to myself for a few hours, and decompress from life. So of course, I was bemused that I had an itch to log into work and get stuck in. This is an especial no-no right now, because I tend to run a high risk of pushing myself into a severe nervous breakdown due to the quantity of work that builds up around now. So instead, I made myself cast on another kit, this one with fiddly wool. I figured that would do a good job of distracting me from that urge, and it has. The beard-not-beard is actually the head of ‘Louis the Bear’, whose head I’m sewing up and stuffing as I type this (because I am completely unable to focus on one thing at a time).

Heh whups, lost a paragraph somewhere. That’s okay, I’mma go back to other things.


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