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Deedlit (She of the Soaps, currently on sale) is an awesome sweetie, and picked up a few strands of semi-precious beads for me to play with. I have a few pennies to play with from doing YouGov surveys, so I’ve been taking my sweet time looking to see what sort of findings I want to get to play with. I want to do some multi-strand bracelets, so a lot of the time I’m spending right now is trying to get ideas in my head rather than buying stuff and seeing how it fits together. Prethinking stuff out hurts, ha ha.

The girls are back to school tomorrow, hallelujah. I love them well, but I look forward to being able to get back to ‘normal’. And, hopefully, get stuck into the work pile without doing myself a damage. This is a super-busy, well, quarter to half of the year, and I have to take myself in hand a lot to make sure that I don’t push myself into a nervous breakdown. It should probably be more than fine, especially since it’s not the three and a half of us it was when I got here.

Right, dinner.


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