Heh heh, Balls

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I pulled out a handful of oddments to take with me to the party yesterday. I didn’t get through any of them, but they’re stacked and waiting on my desk now. So of course, I’ve shoved that all to the side for the moment, and am doing a few stuffed toy limbs as a change-up. I’m laughing at myself right now for having so many things on the go, but never mind. I’m still knitting rather than being frozen with indecision on what to knit, so. It works, I guess.

I’m slightly amused with myself today. I’ve got a Sims 3 legacy running on my new laptop, Project Hospital on my desktop, and general internetting here on my proper laptop. It… I somehow feel better for being able to do this? And if I wanted to play something oomphier rather than something that I occasionally poke at, I can switch internetting to that and game here. I also feel that it’s contributing a bit more to my knitting, because that makes sense. ADHD makes sense. Except not. *laughs*

Right, time to eat, so I’m off.


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