No Comments on Bricks

Today can best be described as a day wherein I feel like I’m buried under a mountain of bricks and rubble. I woke up feeling rough, but managed to hold on long enough to get past the ‘go back to sleep forever’, and manage vaguely upright status. I’ve had a pretty productive day in spite of feeling like hell though, so pats on the back and all that. Now I just have to claw a tiny bit closer to human so that I’m reasonable company when I’m out tonight for knitting.

The return to quiet was glorious, as one might expect. Most of the noise of the day came from next door. The previous owner, who died last year, has a son in the village. He’s there most days clearing stuff out, and today, there was a van from a charitable organisation come to collect some of the furniture. Everyone on the street is wondering if tomorrow is going to be the day, or if it’s going to end up being next Friday. My money is on next Friday fwiw, but whatever the case — the general consensus on the street is that we hope that it’s someone nice.

Right then! Back to trying to flush this headache atop the usual daily rigmarole.


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