The Start of Something Scrappy

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After a few false starts (better known as bits going amiss and having to be remade), I finished Mrs. Claus this morning. I decided that, besides which kit I’m am going to do next (results of which are already spoken for by Littler), I’ve decided to get a start on my ultimate scrap blanket. Basically, all the odds and ends in my drawers, regardless of gauge, regardless of texture, are going to go into making a stockinette stitch blanket.  It’ll be a nice project to pick up and put down, especially since I can work knitting without looking, unlike crochet.

That’s about it, really. It’s Christmas Eve, which means the ceremonial unwrapping of new PJs. I picked out some for Z and he for me, so I look forward to seeing what I’m getting… and hopefully they’re as thick as the ones I’m wearing right now, ’cause it’s a bit cold. *laughs*


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