Call of Yarnthulu

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I can report that Santa was finished last night, and came out well good! This catastrophic mess you see before you is the inside of Mrs. Claus. Because it requires use of intarsia, I’ve got a couple of strands hanging out in addition to all the random ends. Mess aside, I think there’s a good chance that I can get all the bits of Mrs. Claus made today, if not joined up. And I guess that it’s nice to get a little intarsia practice, as it reminds me that I really need to do more colourwork in my knitting instead of just relying on gradients.

That’s pretty much been my day, which I account as pretty awesome. I’ve got a bit of a headache right now, but the last few days and nights have been net restful. Hopefully getting to sleep tonight will go as smoothly as last night, because a few more nights of that and I might actually shift the fogbank slightly for a tiny bit. A woman can hope, right?

Right, gonna get back to that. Happy Christmas Eve Eve, y’all!



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