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Lookit, I made light explode! Okay, not really, but I was mused me scrambling to pose for a ticking camera ended up with this as the result… I  amuse easily, ha ha. But it’s a good face and a good pose, ’cause today was a productive day, and this looks sort of celebratory. I got work completely caught up. It’s going to get a bit behind itself over the Christmas holiday like it always does, but at least it won’t get as far behind as it could be.

The main thing though is that it’s the weekend now. I don’t know how many days I’ll be working next week, but it won’t be more than two, and likely will only be one… we’ll see. The last day of school for the girls is Wednesday, though the rest of the week preceding it is pretty much just movies and parties and letting young brains relax. So that probably means that I’ll do Tuesday and Wednesday myself, depending on what I need to be on call for, or how quickly I get things caught up from today.

For now, knitting! I am feeling that t his sock is definitely getting completed this weekend, which is much excite. I don’t know what pattern I’ll do of socks next, but I might remember to detour and do one of the toy kits filling up my shelf.


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