The Full Complement

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As of today, Z and I both have a full complement of remotes. I’d commented yesterday of my annoyance that I didn’t have one for the soundbar (the smallest one), so a few pounds later, voila. Z was amused, since the ‘everybody knows’ is that there’s the fighting for the remotes, which… naw. We have two sets on the cheap instead. Much smarter.

I’ve started to get my head in gear for oxt weekend. One of the things that probably worked against me last time was the blandness of my displays. So I’ve got fabric ordered. I’ve got a tablecloth. I’ve got some bulldog clips on order, because I think that they will work excellently for displaying the bracelets I’m selling. I’m relieved to have some things in mind, because my subconscious level of anxiety means that I had all sorts of weird dreams about the ways things could go wrong (to include me falling asleep for a month). Z has chosen to not spend any energy worrying about it, which is 500% okay by me! I don’t want him to fret. I do want him to do what he’s doing, which is letting me bounce things off of him so I can get my ideas refined and ready.

Oh yes, and if not implied strongly enough — we survived the first day of half-term. Littler was higher energy than I expected, but they were both good as gold. I had to remind them firmly a few times that I had to work and that I couldn’t stop and play with them for any amount of time, but I did try to help them with a few little things. We’ll see how tomorrow goes… probably a bit more smoothly as we get into the swing of things for the break.

And now, off to make things and game, hee hee.


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