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I am feeling especially cute today. Cat ears aside, I love my candy corn countess shirt to bits. Add in surviving another day of half-term and it being Friday, and I’m very yessssssssssss.

Z and Smalls aren’t back yet, but the verdict is in — Smalls is joining the glasses brigade. She picked out some adorable frames that, ngl, are about the same shape as mine. Folks say that she’s my clone… maybe I’ll be able to see it now? xD They won’t be ready until next weekend, but that’s fine. It’s still before she goes back to school after half-term, and that was the main reason we wanted to get her in today rather than any later.

I also was able to speak to my mother-in-law earlier about the craft fair next weekend. She went with Z and Smalls to pick glasses, and she had called to see what time she needed to come around to join them (she didn’t; Z picked her up en route). She was making what I consider to be the ‘positively considering this proposition’ thought-noises, so… hopefully? If not, I’ll figure something else out. I respect that they are not spring chickens, and that if she doesn’t think they can do it, she will be forthright about it. It’s one of the (manyI) things that I respect about her. I hope she can take the girls, though. I’m super jazzed at the thought of having Z as my wingman for this first attempt at this particular craft fair… but I’ll hopefully figure something out if not.

Right, folks are home, I’mma go think and try to not let anxiety bite me.


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