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Today was the last day of school before half-term. Today was also rife with headaches and various quease feelings. I’m hoping my body is trying to get over being sick before I have to tend to the girls for the next week and a half, ha ha. I don’t relish being sick and taking care of the girls, or worse, having to go sleep it off and leaving Smalls in charge. She’d do it if she ‘had’ to, because she’s a star — but that’s not fair on her, as she’s only little. I am glad when she can offer support and help, and we’re slowly teaching her about doing chores and having responsibilities… but no real rush. She’s a kid, and she should have fun kidding.

Really at this point, the hardest thing tomorrow is going to be remembering that it’s not Saturday, ha ha. I know it’s not, but my brain is crooning the song of ‘you don’t have to work tomorrow, tra la la’. Brain, we have to work, no skivving off, ha ha. It’s the phase of the monthly cycle where I am in pursuit of my own tail, so yanno, there’s an end goal… get it? End? Har har har, I’m fired. xD

Right, time for dinner!


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