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Z and I headed off early this morning to do another round of couch investigation… so early. I’d only had my first round of caffeine early, ha ha. But it ended up being a worthwhile trip, and we ended up with another contender for purchasing. I think it might be *the* one, but we need to discuss it after thinking about it a bit more. I’ve got a few issues to bring up that I feel need to be considered, but on the whole, it’s Z’s choice. After all, he’s the one using it.

And, of course, I had a second trip out — this time, a walk to the post office. I got my winner’s prize and order boxed up, with attempts of prettying it because yanno, presentation is everything. I was also pleased to note that the Royal Mail had their Christmas shipping dates available, so I linked to that on my Etsy header. As long as people order in the first week of December, more or less, then it should be fine. I don’t really expect to do much Christmas trade, but I figure it’s worth it to go through the motions of.

Mmm, right. I’mma go knit my sock now.


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