It’s Waiting

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We had to take Smalls to the hospital today to get blood drawn. She was a total champ, especially considering that it was a fasting blood test and she was getting hangry (I really hate the word ‘hangry’, but it totally fills a place in modern language). Wandering around the hospital makes for great creepy photo fodder, and this one won the day when I saw the doll hanging out abandoned in the empty playground.

It’s been a good day on the whole, mainly ’cause I feel super cute. I mean, I’m always cute, but sometimes it’s nice to acknowledge it.  It’s good for my mental health and self-love to be able to do that… it’s totally sad that I used to think poorly of people for being so overt in their liking of self. It’s been a real mood boost, and has made me a touch reflective on my never-ending quest of self-improvement. There’s always more improvement to make, but I like that I have been able to become gentler and kinder to other people, and myself.

Anyways. I am going to get back to other things.


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