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I hassa bookmail today, yay! I’m actually re-reading the series, but I’m going to skip ahead, read this, and then decide whether or not I want to continue to re-read. I still have books that I got at Christmas-birthday that haven’t been read… I should probably take those down and take stock, if only so I make sure the poor dears get read.

Z was awesome today, and took the girls to work with him. That enabled me to chug caffeine and try to work, and to get my poor hair washed. It’s all floofy and nice right now from air-drying under the ceiling fan. I wish the whole bathing thing wasn’t so spoon-sapping, because it always feels like it shouldn’t be once you come out of it feeling the tiniest bit restored.

For now, I’ve got some private blogging to complete for the day, and then I should try to pick up my knitting.


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