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I’ve had the shredder unplugged for awhile because I was using my light to do/redo photos for my shop. I sucked it up and plugged it back in today, because I figured if I got a start on my build up shredding, then perhaps it would encourage me to work a bit harder at tidying other things up. Of course, I forgot to empty it before I started, so I ended up getting confetti everywhere, ha ha. Never mind.

I’ve been a tiny bit snitty today. I had a bad headache, and the girls were feeling fractious, and the whole process slowed me right up on my ‘need’ to get stuck into work quickly and hard… ly. Hard. Smalls and I had a bit of a blow-out over scissors, but we managed to patch it up in a way that was mutually pleasing.

Past that, Z took the girls to get new shoes for school, so that’s ticked off the list. School starts up next week, where did the time go, blah blah blah. I love the girls dearly, but it is going to be fantastic to get back to where I have the house to myself during the day.

Right, I’m off.



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