Best Seat in the House

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Z had a coupon for Ocado, so he used it to get our Dr Pepper stocks replenished at a reasonable price. I got called into the foyer earlier by Smalls because she thought Littler was cute sitting on the stack, and she was not wrong. Smalls couldn’t get her sister to do the cute thing she had been doing before I came in, but yanno, I’ll take this (and use it with Littler’s blessing, ’cause consent rocks).

Today has been… eh, okay. I got some degree of work done, and nobody tried to murder anyone else. I did have one early moment of ‘why is your sister crying’ (domain still available! xD), but it was quickly resolved before I could get involved.

Right, I’m wrapping this up for the dual reasons of getting my knitting bag ready for tonight, and for taking a proper peek at Two Points Hospital. It’s the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, and now one of a grand total of three games that Z and I bought acquired for Day One (being today). Dord!

2 thoughts on “Best Seat in the House

  1. Jane Williams

    Good job you missed the “even cuter than this” event, really. The world might have died of cuteness overload.


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