The First Leg

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Hello from a hotel! We have completed the first leg of travel, and are safely ensconced in our room. Z and Smalls went to the car to fetch up a few bits, then we’re gonna have coffee. Coooooffeeee…. *laughs* I’m not the biggest coffee person, but right now, it sounds like bliss.

On the whole, the first leg of travel was quite good! Z had bought some anti-nausea patches for the queasier of us, and Littler and I had a sick-free trip down. Smalls… combination of patch and trying an anti-nausea wristband caused her to have a not good reaction. Thankfully she’s the least car sick of the lot of us, so she was mainly bored rather than anything once she was able to take a minute and have a drink of water (these were applied before we got in the car, so she had time to recover).

The plans for the rest of the day, so far, include eating (’cause yanno, dinner), and perhaps a bit of wandering around our current locale. We leave in the morning for our main destination, and like, if we have the time, might as well put it to use. We’ll see. Z knows I’m worried about overdoing it and having to spend the entire vacation curled up on the couch in our holiday apartment instead of doing things with the family. And I know that he’s not going to push me to push myself to the point of harm, so yanno, back on me to not do that… good thing I’m better at self-advocating in my advancing years.

Right, I’ve had that coffee, so I’m going to go zone out and play some Sims until I am required to move.


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