Away With the Ferries

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Ferries, faeries, har har har. Z just commented that Smalls says the former like the latter, which… maybe that’s why this went into my head. I don’t really know. It could also be that I am an eXtreme smart-ass.

It’s been a pretty decent day all told. We got up at a reasonable hour this morning, which was good ’cause w were concerned that the girls would get us up at an ungodly hour.  No, instead the time worked out to enable a fairly leisurely pace getting to and onto the ferry, and was a nice prelude to a nice transit across the island to our holiday rental (which, bonus, we got to get into when we got here rather than having to wait until the official time.).

For now, I’m lumped out on the couch. We took a little stroll down to the arcade and played a few pounds into the 2p machines, and we’re planning on doing that again after dinner… plus ice cream, of course. It’s not a seaside holiday without ridiculous quantities of ice cream!

Right, gonna go Sim it up and enjoy a cool drink while dinner is cooking.


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