Nearly Ready

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Tomorrow is the day we set off. This picture was from a trip to the store to grab a few last-minute bits, and I took this while waiting for Z to get checked out (I take the girls past the tills so they’re not in the way). I’ve got my non-suitcase bags to finish sorting, but it’s coming along. I should be able to finish it off easily enough in the morning.

Beyond that, I’ve been doing my best to chill out… and enjoy the weather. We had rain today! We had rain more than once! We even had thunder! There’s supposed to be some more of that over the next couple of days, but for the most part, I’m in ‘oh hey it’s supposed to not be ungodly hot’ as the overriding opinion on things occurring out-of-doors.

Right, I am going to go play Sims.


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