It’s Getting Real

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Today’s task for the fam was to get our cases packed for our holiday. Z is a mega-star and sorted out his case, and the girls’ cases, leaving just mine to me. I’ve probably packed too much because that’s what I tend to do, but at least it’s done. Tomorrow I’ll have to deal with my other bags, but those are much easier because my brain was happy enough making a list of what needs to go in them (laptop bag, knitting bag, purse).

Today was pleasant otherwise, because it actually rained. Raaiiiiiiiiiiin. The temperature has been comfortable, and the humidity is the chilly sort rather than the melting sort. It looks like tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer, which, yesss. It’s nice to be able to have the air conditioning off. And, reputedly, it’s going to be the same sort of temperature while we’re on vacation, which, yesssssssssss.

Right, gonna go game and knit.


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