Storming the Castle

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Well okay, not REALLY storming a castle… more like heading to the Post Office at a quick dash, ha ha. I had to keep asking them to slow down and not get too far ahead of me. I’d let them here because it’s a pretty safe stretch of road, and we were on the right side of the road for our destination. Having said that, I totally told them to slow it as soon as I’d taken this picture and realised just how far ahead of me they had gotten.


It’s starting to dawn on me that next weekend marks the start of our holiday. We’re off to the usual destination (the Isle of Wight), though this time without Z’s parents. Mum didn’t really feel like they’d be able to keep up with us, which, fair enough. Maybe they’ll do it again in a future year when the girls understand that they don’t have to be in frenetic motion every waking moment. I can hope that the cats decide to actually pop out and say hello when they come to feed them… we’ll see.

Of course, I haven’t even gotten my head around anything for the trip. I don’t know what I am going to pack, though I’m not too worried about that after doing some wardrobe stocking up this year. I think I’ve started a knitting project that should keep me busy enough. I might get a backup one in the queue, especially since I picked up some new wool last night from one of my knitting friends (she was selling it on behalf of a former co-worker trying to clear her stash, which made it ‘okay’ to do).

Right, time for a late dinner.


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