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The girls went to work with Z today, which mainly went well from all I’ve heard. I was bemused when I received a zip file of .pdfs… which contained a picture of each of them having photocopied their own faces. Nerds. They did it separate, so I crammed them together as such to share their nerdery in an easier format. Having said that, also super cute ha ha.

But yess, yess… them not being here was fantastic for my sanity. I had a nice long bath, and then proceeded to get work done. I still have some amount to do tomorrow, but should be able to end the day feeling like I’m on a high. Hopefully. If we can get to the point next week where we can get the year end reports done before we leave for vacation, then I will be REALLY happy.

As for tonight, I’m taking Smalls with me to knitting. She still doesn’t know how to knit, and I don’t know if she’ll actually attempt it while we are there, but I’ve packed some needles and wool for her if she does decide to give it a go. I pointed her towards a video by my favourite left-handed knitting video maker, and seemed happy that it was of some use to her. I’ve also chucked in a few crochet hooks and a couple odd balls of wool in case that calls her. More than likely, I expect she is going to curl up with her tablet and play the role of semi-surly, definitely shy teenager. *chuckles*

Oh yes, I did have one more thing to mention — I’m having a sale in my shop this weekend. I’ve not mentioned it on my store page yet, but I’ve got a post scheduled to go out when the sale goes live. I keep joking that I hope that people are going to make me regret this by buying ALL THE THINGS, but I guess I wouldn’t mind that either. I mean, duh I wouldn’t mind that. Plus if it does well, it means that I’ll have some of the money back, which means I can think about buying more things again. Mind you, I’m mainly happy with my level of stock, but it would be nice to be able to buy new things to play with.

Right, I’mma scoot. Dord!


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