All the Burning

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It is officially Too Hot™ and Too Bright™ to take a picture outside without me looking like a total doof. Still, trying to share the goodness of my red hair, and that requires outside photos. What can I say, I’m happy with how it looks… but that ‘looks best’ is outside. In the sun. D’oh. *laughs* At least it’ll get plenty of that on vacation.

Today has been a good day for reminding me that I have excellent friends and family, and that I have come a long way in my life. I’m lucky to have people who care about me and look out for me, and to whom I can return the favour. They are certainly a contributing factor to my happiness.

What else, what else. Not much, really. I’m doing my best to chill out and relax today, and am doing a pretty spiffin’ job of it. So I’m going to get back to that.


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