The Face of Pain

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I am really stumped as to why, but I have been in a looooot of pain today. My back eventually  unkinked some, but the rest was just… ugh. Some of it felt like baby fibro, and others just… general unwellness, I guess. There was a bonus dose of feeling queasy AF for no real good reason, so I’m definitely ready for today to be over with. *chuckles*

I guess that’s the main thing, really. I got some work-work done… maybe not as much as I wanted to, but more than I thought I was going to manage, seeing how I started the day convinced I was going to have to go back to bed. Really, as long as I can sort of pull it together for going out tomorrow night? At this point, this is my main goal, ha ha.

Still, even with all of that, I’m doing my best to try and stay cheerful. Yeah okay, I feel whiny, and I don’t want to stomp on that because it’s a valid feeling. Whiny, that is. It’s staying in my head for the most part because I can respect that the outside of someone’s world can only take so much whiny, yanno?

Having said that, I’m getting slammed with a migraine-level headache right now, so I am going to go take pain meds and try to not move much.


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