Shoes Off, Showing Off

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When it’s a knitting night, I like to wear socks I’ve made to show off. It’s in part to show off to my fellow crafters; I like showing off, but I love seeing their projects too! But also, as a point of inspiration for any rubberneckers who happen go past us. Seeing people sitting and knitting in public elicits one of two responses generally, and each of them further primarily gendered — women express an interest in perhaps joining, while just about every bloke thinks that he is *hilarious* for asking us to get cracking on a jumper for them ASAP. The former sort of response gets an invite to join. The latter gets the same from me as well, albeit with a loooot of snark, ha ha.

Of course, all of that is contingent on me actually getting out of the house. I’ve had my bath and look mainly human-shaped, but I still feel super awful. There is still a dose of the quease, and that’s overlaid on another set of pains. Well, they started out different enough this morning for me to feel almost tolerable, but they’ve gone back to where they were yesterday and are mocking me with assorted agonies. Maybe I should just pencil in a shorter trip out? I know that E will be supportive of whatever I need to do to take care of myself, and if it comes to me having to go out of the equation, she’s quite happy getting a lift from her husband, or taking a taxi. It’s not like she’s dependent on me to get rides, yanno? And I’d certainly not begrudge her going if I couldn’t make it.

Beyond that, I thought I heard thunder earlier. It was probably someone moving a bin, but it got my hopes way high for a few minutes. I guess I’ll believe it when I see/actually hear it, but like. We need rain, and I would like (as a bonus) for the atmospheric pressure to be forced to drop, ’cause it’s definitely contributing to me having a bad headache and the whole feeling sick thing. But eh, at least I have tomorrow that I can take off and rest-rest if I have to, as it’s the last day of the school year. Next week, however… ¬¬ Don’t get me wrong, I look forward to having the girls around, but it’s exhausting atop being exhausted, even if it’s just a few extra tiny chores. Having said that, they are both good sports and excellent helpers, so it shouldn’t be that ‘bad’.

Right, that’s enough for now.


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