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Today has been a most excellent day. I got some degree of work-work done in the half-day that I/we did. Half day, because it’s our anniversary, and we went out to have a nice lunch. I continue to be glad to be married to Z, and cannot think of anyone who could possibly have been a better match for me. We’re over a decade into our marriage, and I feel just as sparkly, if not more, for his cute self.

We also managed to swing a Skype date with my sister, who is currently studying in France. I’m a tiny bit sheepish ’cause we went long (two hours); if I had known that we’d be going that long, I would have done it on my computer instead of our normal curling up around Z’s computer. I don’t think that we’re going to have a chance to do it again before she leaves, but I’m glad we were able to do it at least once. As usual, we said we’ll try harder to make it happen more frequently, but we’ll see what actually happens. *chuckles* We both genuinely want to see it happen, but time zones are not our friend.

As for the ball of wool? It ended up being a useful prop in talking about my ADHD. I’d taken it over with my initially to wind so my hands had something to do while we were chatting. The actual subject of my ADHD came up, and I explained that I had brought it because winding it helped distract me enough to be able to converse reasonably, and that on the whole helped keep my anxiety a bit quieter. It’s nice that we are at a point in our lives where I can be candid about my disabilities and be taken seriously, rather than brushed off. And just, on the whole, a good conversation, one that makes me glad that we’re growing as people in ways that are similar.

Right, about time to herd children to bed, so I should sign off and think about that.


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