Mandatory Adulting

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This week is chock-a-block, starting with today and continuing on pretty much all week. I was in the office today, which was… eh. Too many people in on a Monday, but it was less for being in the office, and more for being in the town centre. We had to go see our mortgage advisor to sign paperwork for our mortgage renegotiation. We redo it every couple of years to take advantage of better rates, and to trim some time off as well. We’ve cut a year off the repayment terms, so the current version of the mortgage will be paid off in 17 years. Pretty sweet, non?

Beyond that, I’m trying to get my head down and into jewellery making. I’ve made a couple of bracelets, and a pair of earrings that I’m not convinced by. I was trying to do a bit of wire wrapping, and I’m not that skilled at it yet. I’ll probably cut the beads free and try it another way, but the main point is to get the right hang however I can. Oh well, practice makes perfect, etc.

Oh right, off I pop.


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