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Or something, heh. I’ve not done as many things as I meant to do today, but I’ve done some… some is better than none. I also made myself contact the seller that I hadn’t gotten all my bits from. I hate having to do that, and more so because they got something wrong in my last order and I’m all worried that they’ll think poorly of me for expecting them to adhere to what I ordered. I know, derp, but tell that to the brainbox.  I put it nicely and will hopefully have the missing beads soon, ’cause I’m wary about using the half lots until they are full lots. I don’t know why, superstition or something else dumb from my potato brain.

Tonight, Z and I are at the school because Littler officially starts in September. I can’t remember what the deal is as it’s been a few years since we had to do it for Smalls, but I’m sure it’ll be okay. I’m hoping that Littler will have the same teacher that Smalls did, if only so she can have the fun of comparing and contrasting the pair. Well. They have some very similar traits, but they’re also vastly different people. I like appreciating who they are as individuals, but it can still bring a little smile to my face when they’re in harmony.

Right, I am going to get back to making the things before we head out. Dord!


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