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Today has basically been about getting things done in some order or another. I got some amount of work done. I got some bathing done. I made a point to make something for my shop, and to ‘advertise’ it. I guess it’s advertising when I make sure to write a post about it in places that people can see it and know that it’s been done, but like. *shrugs* At least I did the thing. Just like I am making sure to get this thing done now, because it’s knitting tonight and I’m probably going out. Well, I fully intend to, but I am wary about what the seating is going to be like with there being a wake in the pub as well. Maybe it will be nice enough for us to sit outside? Probably not, but. We’ll figure it out, or we won’t, or we’ll move somewhere else. *checks weather* Probably definitely not outside.

Beyond that, been chatting with D about the whole being a small business thing. We are doing different things, but there’s lots of commonality in the running of such, and we’re similar enough in our own personal brands of neurodiverse to be able to commiserate with things. It’s nice to be able to do that. I don’t know if it eases her travails, but I know it eases mine a bit. 🙂

Right, I should probably like, start getting things crammed into my bag or something.


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