Big Spender

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Today, I spent money. I spent most of what came in on the big order, but it was all stuff for the shop. I’ve got more storage coming in, packing materials, and of course, more findings and beads. Heck, I’ve even got some charms coming in to play with as well. I look forward to getting stuck in to playing with those things. And in the meantime, I’m making do with what I have to hand, wink wink.

Today was a vaguely productive day… vaguely. A friend set up a Discord server, and that means that I much chattier than I normally am. Tomorrow will be interesting to see what sort of affect that has on me, since I’m going to be in the office. I don’t go in that often, but it’s been more than long enough. As long as the phones aren’t too phone-y… well. It’ll be whatever it is, and hopefully I sleep well and wake easily for it.

For now, I need to slowly herd the children to bed. I’ve got solo duty tonight ’cause Z has a meeting. Hopefully it goes well. I’ll do my best to enjoy being zoned out (not that he has to be gone for me to do that, hee hee).

Right, dord.


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