Two to Go

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There is finally an end in sight on the blanket squares — there are only two more cakes of wool to get through. I don’t know how long it’ll take me exactly because I haven’t been keeping track of that. I guess I could circle back and get an estimate, but honestly? I can’t be bothered. 🙂

What I CAN be bothered with today is finally getting off my ass and getting Windows 2000 installed on a virtual machine. There is exactly one game that I want to play right now, and that quit working properly in Windows a few months ago. I mean, fair, Civilization II: The Test of Time is an old game, but I can’t even get it to work in compatibility mode any more. Like, it’ll work for a bit, and then it will inevitably crash after some number of cities is built and like… my style of playing that game is building cities until the game tells me I’m not allowed to build anymore. Now I just have to get the game onto the virtual machine, and I can scratch that itch properly…

((and now it’s more like fighting to get updated graphics drivers on the virtual machine, but I’ll manage))

Today was pleasant enough for the most part. I got a fair amount of work done, and managed to not fall asleep. I figure as far as things go, that’s pretty good — especially as I got slammed with a massive wave of total body fatigue in the afternoon. Like, tired is one thing, fatigue is another.

Anyways. Dord.


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