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One of the reasons I charge the prices I do is that it can take me a long time to come up with, and execute suitable designs. While this one came out super pretty, it also came out a bit too short. Which means reevaluating what I did, and finding a way to add a few more beads, but not too many beads. I think that I know what I am going to do to fix it, but it still requires me to restring all the beads and see how it comes out.

Of course, that also comes at the whole woe of being a single bead short of a planned thing. I was going to get another Rolling Sixes up to replace the one bought today; I was exactly one clear bead short. I spent some time fiddling with other colours trying to get something going that I liked, but meh. So I’ve got some more beads in a basket for later. I’ve got a couple of ‘later’ baskets right now, ha ha. Once I get the money for the custom order, I can start spending a bit again (at least, I can feel less horrible about spending).

*glowers at beads and fiddles them around* There, I think I have something workable.

Right, I’m gonna go finish that, and get back to knitting. I realised that I have almost finished the current cake of wool, so yay.


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