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If there is one thing I dislike about running an Etsy shop, it’s having to try to write cover for my listings. Most of mine are pretty slapdash, so I’m hoping people find them charming and amusing. >__> It’s obviously worse if I do a lot of listings at once, which is why most days I stick to one or two. I ended up doing six today. Six. They’re all pretty short and dubious to say the last. But eh, it does the job more or less, and tells me that I should go do something not shop-related the rest of the evening.

And it’s an early evening of sorts. The girls were both really worn out and frazzled, so they’re already in bed. I’m amused, insomuch that they weren’t the ones up until midnight last night. I made it through that less scathed than I thought I would, but that’s not saying much. Like, verticality was mainly maintained, but I’m really sore in the back department for reasons unfathomable. Maybe I’ll take some co-codamol and tuck myself up early as well? We’ll see. For now, I’m going to knit, and play my annoying ported from mobile game of the moment.


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