A Bit of Luck

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The dice beads I ordered came in today, hooray! I haven’t started in on the custom order because we haven’t finalised details, but I figured I’d make myself a set in the interim. Yanno, advertise by wearing the wares, har har.

‘Sides, I deserve a bit of self-love. I woke up this morning to some really upsetting news, and well. Instead of usually stuffing it in my bag and trying to ride it out, I decided to bitch about it to my Facebook friends. It ended up being the right call, because it’s been good emotional support and validation for my feelings. I’m still learning that of my feelings, and that I’m not a burden or a bad person for having the feelings and wanting to lean on friends. It reminds me that my life is resoundingly awesome for the most part.

Speaking of resoundingly awesome, Z decided to pick up fish and chips from the van for dinner. We speculate that the chips are beyond amazing because he was the first customer. They’re like… bursting with oily flavour goodness, and are actually like, browned. It’s fair to say that I am full, but I still want to cram it in. *chuckles*

Right, wrapping this up for some quality zoning out time before I go out tonight.


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